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The majority of residents think Alameda is on the wrong track.  

Some of the reasons why Alamedans are concerned about the future:

  • Housing accessibility/affordability

  • Safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists 

  •   Crime 

  • Maintaining and improving municipal infrastructure

I am a public agency leader with the experience to address these issues.

  • As the longest-serving Trustee on the $1.3 billion-dollar Alameda Health System, I work closely with the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to make Alameda County's public safety net provider fiscally sound and improve patient care.

  • During my tenure on the Alameda Board of Education I ensured smaller class sizes and retention of teaching staff with the passage of Measure A.

  • I hired responsible, effective Executives to manage Alameda Health System and Alameda Unified School District with no investigations, litigation, or financial settlements.  

If elected to the City Council I will restore confidence in Alameda government.



Housing Is a Human Right

I believe that adequate housing is a fundamental human right, defined by the United Nations as “the right to live somewhere in security, peace and dignity.”  Alameda elected leaders must use all tools available to ensure security of tenure, adequate conditions, protection against forced evictions and access to affordable housing.


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Role of the City Council

Alameda City Charter, Section 2-2(A):  The following offices are hereby established and the incumbents thereof shall be appointed or removed by a vote of a majority of the full Council: City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk.

Alameda City Charter Section 7-3:  Neither the Council nor any of the members thereof shall interfere with the execution by the City Manager of his or her powers and duties. An attempt by a Councilmember to influence the City Manager in the making of any appointment .. shall subject such Councilmember to removal from office for malfeasance






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Crime and Safety

"Safety and security are the most basic job of government."  Pete Buttigieg

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